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Denzel Curry


Nation of Shopkeepers
27 - 37 Cookridge Street LS2 3AG Leeds England
Denzel Curry
+ Denmarc Creary
+ Oliver Asadi
+ The Northaze + Jack Jetson


Denzel Curry is bringing the rawness back to hip-hop. Hailing from Carol City, Florida, his content is radical and he incorporates the many injustices of his hometown in his music never shying from getting too personal including the recent murder of his own brother by the police and black on black violence amongst his peers. His mission is simple, full creative control to generate organic and uncensored music that also has a strong message. Adamant about his integrity, Denzel Curry has a firm stance on the industry and when asked about his independence and interest in signing to a major label, he asserted “the main question that we should ask with these major labels is: what the fuck can you do for me that I can’t do for myself?”

He is starting his rap career independently, in every sense of the term. He left a promising crew to pursue solo efforts & start his own label (C9 Is The Future), he’s not signed to a major or indie and after the shows are over, he goes back to the Miami neighborhood he grew up in. At age 20 he is one of the most promising and creative rappers in the industry mixing the rawness of 2Pac with the uniqueness of Outkast. After spending the majority of last year finishing up his follow up double EP "32 Zel / Planet Shrooms", & touring all over the world Denzel is making it his mission to prove why he is here to stay and a threat to the industry.




Born in Kingston, Jamaica, now living in Leeds, Denmarc first realized his music potential in high school. Though he shared his talent in a few school shows, creating beats remained a personal hobby until he and his highschool friend Dwayne decided to enroll on the Music Technology course at Leeds College of Music. As interest grew locally and among fellow students, so did Denmarc’s desire to pursue his gift, and his strides are apparent going on to have "Homegrown Track of the week" on BBC 1Xtra, performing to 12,000+ people at 1XtraLIVE, performing at festivals like BEACONS festival multiple times, winning 2 music video awards, opening for Angel Haze on tour, opening for Little Simz on tour, the list goes on. While honing his craft as a producer, Denmarc also started working on his song writting abilities, which developed into him starting to create music for himself along with continuing to create music for other artists. The rest is history-in-the making.

With inspiration ranging from his Jamaican roots to American and local acts, Denmarc wants his sound and content to reflect his reality. By delving into and remaining true to his experiences as a growing lad, he always aims to create timeless music... And most importantly remain in creative control.


£10 Adv | | 18+